WFU Journalism Program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that emphasizes independent, verified, accountability journalism in the digital age. I have directed the program since 2016.

Heard It Here is a regular news report by students in my community journalism class at Wake Forest University about the people and places that make downtown Winston-Salem a community.

North Carolina Health News is a non-profit news site that focuses on the issues, research and trends that shape the health of the people of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation, is a state agency working to bring justice to nearly 3,000 living victims of the state’s eugenics program. I serve on the governor’s task force on compensation for victims. This is a dark period in our state and national history that we should never forget.

The Writing Program at Wake Forest University, an interdisciplinary program, based in the English Department, which aims to make writing a part of the university’s culture.

The Yadkin Riverkeeper, an advocacy group based on Winston-Salem, is sponsoring a multimedia project about the river that I produced with photographer Christine Rucker and audio producer Michelle Johnson.

The N.C. Humanities Council provided funding for the Yadkin River project.

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem Forsyth County provided funding for the Yadkin River project.

The Narrative Digest at Harvard University’s Nieman Foundation maintains a library of narrative journalism, including three examples of my work.

Propublica is a non-profit investigative news organization that does incredible work.

Christine Rucker, a freelance documentary photographer, is working with me on a multimedia project about the Yadkin River.

Michelle Johnson, a journalist who specializes in multimedia and audio productions, worked with me and Christine on Yadkin River Story.

Sherrie McWhorter, a gifted video producer, produced the Targacept history with me.

Barry Yeoman is a freelance journalist based in Durham who writes with a human voice about complex subjects.

Mary K. Elkins, a website designer who specializes in writers, designed this website for me.